the kindergarten class we work out of has been incubating duck eggs for the last 28 days.

yesterday they were due to hatch and they did not disappoint!

the first duckling was hatched when we arrived yesterday at 6:30 a.m.  by 8 a.m. a second was hatched. we got to film and watch the hatching from beginning to end – it was pretty neat!

by the end of the day 11 had hatched!

this morning when we arrived once again at 6:30 a.m. the teachers had moved the chicks to the basin where they will live in for now. in the incubator there was another duckling that had hatched and 4 more eggs.  by 9:00 a.m. one more egg had hatched making a total of 15 ducklings 🙂




we were asked by our supervisor to decorate the carts we use at the daycare. the goal was to make them interactive and fun.

we have two carts. one cart is for games and the other is for art supplies.

on the game cart we had all the kids participate. we put yellow, red, green, blue and orange paint on paper plates. the kids covered their palms in paint and then made handprints all over the top and sides of the cart. we left the cart natural wood underneath so that means we didn’t prime or roughen the base with sandpaper. because of this some of the paint areas are lifting a little bit but over all it’s sticking quite well. we do very well to not put anything on top of the cart and we don’t touch it if it’s not necessary.

for the art cart we decided to get a little more creative.  we chose to make use of the back and make a space where the kids could draw and display their artwork. we used chalkboard paint to create an area where they could draw.  my husband and i had done the inside of our front door with this paint so we had some left over from that project and i offered it towards this new project (to save petty cash 🙂 ) on the right side i scuffed the surface with 60 grade sandpaper. then i covered it will 3 coats of Rust-Oleum tintable chalkboard paint. (allowing proper drying time between coats).  As you can see in the picture above, we tinted ours to be a cranberry colour.


once you have let the paint dry for the required amount of time you “season” the chalkboard.  roughly rub chalk all over the surface and then rub it off/in with a chalkboard eraser.

on the left side of the board we are making a corkboard with wine corks.  as you can see i’ve cut the corks in half.  this was pretty easy.  the new “foam” corks are pretty easy to cut.  just sit them upright on a cutting board and press a sharp knife down from top to slice them in half (you may want to use a glove to protect your hand.  mine was pretty sore by the end).  real corks are a whole other story.  i heard a tip about soaking them in water for 10 minutes before trying to cut them.  i would say you would absolutely have to do this.  the are pretty much impossible to cut otherwise.  well, it is possible, but it’s very hard and they break and do not cut evenly in half.  i have been given cork “donations” from friends.  we’re putting a dent in it but as you can see we have a ways to go yet.

2014-05-14 07.40.31

i said wouldn’t do this again…

and i guess i lied… ooops!

it’s been a very quiet in the shop the past few months.  despite the fact that it’s mother’s day in just a couple of days, my wreaths don’t seem to fit the bill when it comes to mother’s day gifts.  it’s all good though.  i haven’t much felt like being crafty and with so much overstock of several wreath styles in the shop, i have decided that i won’t be making anymore wreaths until i sell a few and move out some inventory.

i have been very busy with other life challenges and so it goes, some things take a back seat.  like this blog for instance.

my sincere apologies for a lack of “inspiration” by way of crafts, photos or refurbishing projects.  but this is because i am currently working on THE BIGGEST creative project i could possibly take on.  i am currently in the process of trying to make a HUMAN BEING! hahaha  our second round of IVF is underway right now so this blog will be pretty silent for at least another month or so.

don’t give up me!  i will be back with projects and fun stuff soon!

if you’re interested in this other side of my life you can check out my infertility blog –   Hello My Name is TUBELESS

so now my friends, so long.  look forward to seeing you all again very soon!