Welcome Spring


may the strength and blessings of spring be with you!

new light, new growth, new positivity.

nature lets nothing get in its way.

sending that same powerful message out to all of you!


everythings comin’ up shannon!

Hello My Name Is TUBELESS

a new fish and a new job all in the same day? EXCITING!!!

i went to book my dog a grooming appointment at a local pet store and before i knew it was buying a betta fish and all the accoutrement that goes with it.

talk about an impulse buy! oh well, it’s a zero consequence pet choice and he’s making me really happy 🙂

my niece is 5 and has a betta fish of her own. it’s her second fish because “god had to take my other fish, sparkle, to heaven to swim in a bigger bowl”.  sure, sounds reasonable.  so anyway, i sent a photo to my sister in law and asked her to ask my niece to name him. my SIL warned me that his name would probably end up being ‘prince sparkle unicorn” (which i was secretly hoping for!) hahaha

ayla got home from school and…

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just what the dr. ordered!


photo1 photo2 photo4photo5



i’ve been having a rough go at recovery this time around (3rd surgery in 1.5 years) and have been just plain feeling sorry myself.

i opened my email today, and like she knew just what i needed, my sister-in-law had sent me these little gems.

please excuse while i mop up this goo that was once my heart.

10 more days until they are all home for good



do i have your attention?   🙂

for the first time, i am taking spring cleaning to new heights and i am holding a sale in my etsy shop.



wreaths are regular price but i am waiving the shipping fees for shipping to both Canada and the U.S.A! ($7.00 – $11.00 in savings).

i will see how things go but i think will keep the sale on until at least the end of the month (31.04.14).

take a look and see if there is a wreath waiting to be yours!

i’m still alive!

hey everyone, 

feel like i’ve been off the blog for a long time and that’s because i have!

to be honest i haven’t done too much since the last instalment of postings (st. patty’s day wreath and nautical initial). 

i’ve been recovering from a surgery and haven’t been in much of a crafty mood to be honest but with the sunshine and warmer temperatures my spirit is being lifted and day by day i am feel more and more healed.

i have been thinking of wreath ideas and thoughts of springtime and easter are definitely swirling through my head.

i’ll be getting back on track soon with some new pieces for the etsy shop so be sure to keep an eye out.

i promise not to leave you hanging for so long again!