continuing to TRY

so back my new year’s goals….

i’m trying to create items with styles more geared towards baby boys.

a friend asked for a custom initial for a new baby boy.  it’s the first boy item i have ever made.  i was really up for the challenge and love the style she requested – seaside.  i went through quite the evolution with it as you saw in my posting the other day.

a final choice was made and this is the custom initial i will be creating 🙂


bake something!

i wrote about my new year goals last month and titled it TRY.

in that post (if you’ve not gone back to read it already) i wrote about trying new things and trying to get back into the things i once loved.

so far i have been very successful!  

i have almost completed three books, i went out snowshoeing, have been out cross country skiing twice and most recently i made bread.   like i made it an hour ago.  it’s still warm.

my bread of choice – focaccia.  after perusing a few recipes i settled on this one easy focaccia bread with herbs.

only thing is i was doing the recipe off my cell phone so i didn’t quite read all the instructions correctly…opps.

luckily the only mistake i made was not keeping a few tablespoons of the oil and herb mixture aside to brush on the bread before baking.

i get SUUUUUUPER stressed out about kneading dough.  technique, how long, should it feel like this?  GAAHHHHH!

anyway, i just trusted (kind of) the 10 – 15 minutes of kneading and did a solid 9 minutes. i’m pretty proud.  i covered it up, let it rest an hour and ta-da it did something!  something is was supposed to do – it rose 🙂

so i followed the rest of the steps for baking and here we have it (i added in tomatoes because i’m a risque baker but mainly because i love me some tomatoes).