starting fresh

a new year is just a few hours away and i thought since it’s the new year, a new workspace was in order.

after selling a large piece of workout equipment (i know, kind of the opposite of what people do around new years hahaha) hubby and i worked hard yesterday going through this room and purging what we didn’t need.  now that’s very new year – out with the old, in with the new!

we got storage stuff to the basement and cleared out the closet of items that were no longer useful.  we got the furniture and other items into place.  as you can see, we didn’t completely give up on our fitness, we just downsized a bit 😉

we splurged with a new t.v purchase. one of our “merry christmas to us” items.  it’s a smart t.v and so far, it’s proving to be smarter than me! haha

and ta-da!

a new work area for Gosh Yarn It! Wreaths and look – finally – a room with a view 🙂


DSC_0001 (Medium) DSC_0002 (Medium) DSC_0003 (Medium)

take something old and make it different

i gave myself a little project to do over the holiday.

usually i pick a project that i’ve been dying to do when i finally have a couple of days off in a row.  i end up rushing through because i want to get it done before i have to go back to work.  it always ends up looking nice but i just feel like i don’t get to enjoy the process that way.

now that i’m taking bit of time off of work i got to take my time and work on the cabinet i wrote about earlier.

i primed the piece first with “fresh start” primer. then i did the first coat of paint the next day.

we got busy with parties and christmas stuff but we’re finally back home now. our last family christmas party was last night. talk about dragging it out! i’ve been so worn out the past few days.

i got to sleep in today and felt so rested when i woke up 🙂  i thought today would be a great day to get a second coat on the cabinet and get the project finished up.

i painted it a very light blue that was left over from the bathroom reno we did a few weeks back.  the colour is called “diamond ice” and it’s by behr (i believe).

once the paint was dry i used 60 and 100 grit sandpaper to give it a distressed look.

i may give it a clear coat eventually but for now i’m not going to bother.

i am really happy with how it turned out 🙂

DSC_0008 (Medium)

first – you must prepare with the “painting bun” 😉

DSC_0001 (Medium)


DSC_0009 (Medium)


DSC_0339 (Medium)


DSC_0343 (Medium)

painted with sanding for a distressed look

on to the next project

i don’t want this blog to be just about the wreaths and other items i sell in my etsy shop ( (but i’m still going to shamelessly plug it in almost any and every post i put on here 😉 )

i want this blog to be about creativity.  trying new things and learning new and proper techniques as i go.

there always has to be that “first” thing you do.  i remember the first wreath i made for my niece Norah.  i didn’t wrap the straw wreath in packing tape before i wrapped it in yarn and i ended up wrapping it in about 4 layers of yarn just so that the straw wasn’t poking out everywhere!

i tried and i learned a better technique through the process.  now i make sure i am always stocked up with plenty of packing tape in my craft supplies hahaha

my husband had a long day at work today.  he had his annual end of the year meeting.  he bought shares in his company this year and we didn’t know how that would affect his salary and bonus.  turns out, it was a great investment!  as with any good news we did a cheers celebrate. because it’s Christmas, the easiest thing to pour was the bailey’s.  not my first choice but it’s the husband’s favourite and go to drink at this time of year. it was just a couple of ounces but it was sugar consumption waaaaaay too close to bedtime and now i’m wide awake!

anyway, i digress.

while i lay in bed all i could think about, other than the fact that i was still wide awake,  was an old wooden cabinet that is in dire need of painting.  it came to us as at an auction.  it was a piece we didn’t really need, but it was REAL cheap and we just couldn’t bear to let it end up as firewood.

we recently did a pretty good demolition and re-paint in one of the bathrooms.  the paint colour was an attempt at “lightening” up the space but it turned out to just be a paint colour i’m not particularly fond of.  as the days pass i am growing more and more used to it. the other day i realized it’s a nice colour, just in smaller doses. it is PERFECT for furniture painting.  it is a light, icy blue, almost verging on a mint like colour, just more blue than green.

so here is the cabinet.  (poor photo, i’m sorry. i’ll take a better before shot later).  it has lots of fine carved detail that i think a nice glaze would highlight.  or perhaps just sanding down some areas would do the trick as well.

before (Medium)here the inspiration

beautiful-mint-painted-nightstand (Medium)

we’ll see how things go.



this season on my facebook page – – i have been doing “FREE YOUR WREATH!”

i take a wreath and put it somewhere you wouldn’t typically see a wreath.

although lovely and welcoming, your wreaths don’t need to be trapped solely in their traditional position on the front door!

they can go anywhere and you’d be surprise how cute they look there.  here are just a couple of ideas…. stay tuned for more.

DSC_0702 (Medium) DSC_0703 (Medium)

I Always Get Butterflies

honestly, it never gets old! i get so excited when i see an email in my inbox from Etsy letting me know an order has been placed.

i always think that things are quieting down and then  – BAM – that wonderful email message pops up.

today i worked on a wreath that was my VERY FIRST wreath style.  i have never given it name, like i have the others.  it is just simply the “Easter blue” wreath.